Our company was established in 2003. Firstly, our economic activity was leaded bidirectional. It was comprised of the technical advisory in range of energy utilization in housing, and also the road work on housing estate and public roads.

< Road works, housing estate Nowa Rezydencja Krolówej Marysieńki in Wilanów
In 2004 our activity was widened. We gained a good reputation in thermo-modernizing and hydro-insulting works in the new-forming and already existing multi-familial housings based on the own projects of objects’ modernization.

Fire-fighting road with grass pavement,
housing estate Nowa Rezydencja Królowej Marysieńki in Wilanów >
In 2005 our healthy growing company entered the polish market with wide variety of building services, starting from the finishing works inside of the buildings through the external facade works and complex site and land planning works, including realization of the greens projects.

< Building of the single family houses, Magdalenka
In 2006 the company branched out into new to itself building domain connected with the building raising and archieved another remarkable success.

Building of the single family houses, Magdalenka, final effect >
In 2007 a decision was made on converting the family building business into company named "TECHSYSTEM GGB" Ltd. and extending the number of partners and members of the engineering-technical staff. The new-created company took over all commitments relevant to the previous building activity.
Nowadays, after years of hard work, we enjoy a good reputation on polish market and are considered as a reliable company. High quality of works is one of ours strongest points. Proper coordination and organization of entrusted tasks, guaranties punctual works finishing.

Interior project and finishing works, private investor >
Our advices concerning solving technical problems, wchich arise during construnction works meet general approbation not only among engineering supervision, but also among design engineers.

< Ferroconcrete fountain and road works, Karolin
Thanks to the openness of our company to all of the technical and technological innovations we are constantly improving the quality of building works and still increasing the productivity.

Land planning - roads and greens,
housing estate Nowa Rezydencja Królowej Marysieńki in Wilanów >

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